buon fres·co true fresco. the art of applying pigments to wet plaster.

r34life asked: this is amazing. glad i found your blog! to be frank, i don't really know much about art history. can you help get me started on this quest?

I’m glad you found my blog too! There are lots of places you could get started. I got interested when I had to take a history of Western art class at college, and if you’re really serious about learning about it, you can find the text books I used for my class here. They’re going to tell you pretty much everything you need/want to know and more! If you just want some general knowledge or hate reading textbooks, I would suggest checking out the MET’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. It’s interactive, has art from all over the world and different cultures dating back to 8,000 B.C. Another thing I love to do is go to the library, and find the oversized art books. Its pretty much like having a museum in your lap and you can learn tons just by looking at art/reading brief captions. Thanks for the ask and let me know if you have any other questions! Hope that helped :)